What is the purpose of this website? provides site-specific oblique and vertical aerial
photos for DFW, Austin, and San Antonio.

What are the pictures used for?
The most common application for our pictures is to
assist in the marketing of commercial properties.
These pictures can be emailed, printed,
or posted websites, including
They can also be posted to your own website,
or included in any of your marketing materials.

What cities do you cover?
DFW, Austin, and San Antonio.

How current is the imagery?
DFW: June of 2020
Austin: March of 2018
San Antonio: April of 2018

How can I see some sample pictures?
Please visit our SAMPLES page.

How much are the pictures?
2020 imagery is $50 per image.
2018 or older is $5 per image.

In what resolution and format are the photos?
The oblique photos are 12-megapixel JPEGs.
The vertical photos are 20-megapixel JPEGs.

​What if my property is not centered in the photo?
The oblique photos start out at 12 megapixels of resolution.
This is enough resolution to crop in significantly and obtain
a decent quality image.  If your property is off-center in the photo,
follow this procedure to determine if cropping the image would
work for you.  First, form an imaginary rectangle around the
property, with the property centered.  Now estimate the percentage
that rectangle represents of the total area of the photo.
Multiply 12 megapixels by that percentage, and that will be the
resolution of the cropped image.  The question is, will that be
sufficient resolution for your particular application.
Most photos on LoopNet, for example, contain less than one
megapixel of resolution, in a pdf marketing package.

Is it possible to crop and perform other enhancements?
...including adding text and graphics.
Yes.  There is a FREE and easy-to-use software program that
we highly recommend.  It is a free download, and can be found
at the following website:

How do I pay for the pictures?
Once you select your pictures from the
thumbnail area, click on the CHECKOUT button.  
The website delivers imagery by sending a link to your email address.
If you have already created an account, simply log in using your 
credentials.  If not, specify your email address and a password, and 
click the Register button.  Once you're logged in, you can submit
payment either by credit card, or by using your paypal account.
Payment information is not stored on our website, and will
need to be submitted each time a purchase is made.

What if I am not happy with my pictures?
Your purchase is guaranteed, every time.
If you have an image that does not meet your needs,
once you have downloaded to your computer,
simply send an email to
Please attach the image to your email, and briefly
explain the reason for the refund request.
A full refund will be issued within 24 hours.

Can I have my listings posted on this website?
I am presently looking for good examples of our imagery being utilized
in marketing materials.  If you purchase aerials from us and use that
imagery in your marketing activities, please use the CONTACT page
to send us a link to the page where the imagery is displayed.
Upon approval, we will place a link to the listing on this website.
The page is presently under development.

What if I need my property custom flown?
The imagery provided on this website will not fill the needs of every
situation requiring aerials.  If you need your property custom
flown, we can shoot most locations for $250.  Our schedule varies
with weather and demand.  Please contact us using the CONTACT
page, and we will respond in a timely manner.
Please include the physical address of the property.